Why the Goins Strong F.I.R.E. Workouts are POWERFUL!

F.I.R.E. = (FUN)ctional Intense Resistance Exercise

This program, which is the methodology used in our Group Personal Training classes is more than a clever acronym.  It is the culmination of many years of training and observation.  There are hundreds of different programs out there.  Most of those programs don’t give you everything you need to maximize your time and your results.

The perfect training program will incorporate the following elements:

Strength Training

Cardio/Respiratory Training

Intervals (Varying Intensity)

Consistency (Measurability)

Progression (Pushes you to do more over time)


These five elements implemented effectively will get you in the best shape of your life.  This is how I have trained for years, and I guarantee you will get HUGE results! This is a bold statement I (Bradley) stand fully behind.  It is a variation of how I trained when I went from an overweight Pre-teen to a much leaner version of myself.  Jessica and I want to help you dominate goals you didn’t think were possible (I promise they are possible).

If you commit, I promise, you will reach a level of fitness you haven’t yet imagined.  Here’s how it works:


Strength Training

I don’t care who you are.  You MUST lift weights to maximize fat loss, preserve/build muscle mass, fight aging, increase insulin sensitivity, look better…I could go on!

Many people think they have to do cardio to lose fat, and believe they should skip weight training.  Hogwash, weight training will accelerate your fat loss!

Each F.I.R.E. session starts off with three of the following movements…Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Ring Rows.

The three strength movements for that session are performed as a “circuit”.  You progress to each station with very little rest in between.  Once you have performed a set at each of the three stations, you have completed a “round”.  We typically will perform 3-4 rounds in this fashion.

This method of weight training, builds strength and your Cardio Respiratory threshold (trains your heart).  Most importantly it helps BLAST FAT!


Cardio/Respiratory Training

This is what your doctor wants you to do.  Your Doc wants you to build a strong heart and a healthy circulatory system…and so do I.  The difference is there is no boring cardio equipment here.  During our F.I.R.E. sessions the weight training is a cardio session in itself.  Then we kick it up a notch by performing a 10-20 minute high intensity workout to put your metabolism in overdrive.

You want results?  High intensity training is one of the quickest ways to get ‘em!


Intervals (Varying Intensity)

As previously stated, each F.I.R.E. session includes a fun, intense workout.  We vary the intensity, and no workout is ever really the same.  Don’t let the word ‘intensity’ scare you though.  Each workout is performed amongst friends and all workouts can be tailored to your current ability level.  The key is to push your own personal limits each session.  This is how you grow and progress!


Consistency (Measurability)

It’s not what you do in one day at the gym…It’s what you do day after day.  The key to getting results is being consistent and working to do a little more each workout…each week…each month…each year!  Our F.I.R.E program has a built-in consistency, given we hit every muscle group, every week.  This ensures we don’t neglect any portion of the body.  This then allows for you to be able to measure your success over time.  You will be able to look back and assess how much stronger you have gotten!


Progression (Pushes you to do more over time)

Again, the key goal is GROWTH!  Progress comes from pushing yourself further than you did the weeks and months before.  I’ve seen many people over the years who come in to a gym, do the same workouts every week (same weight, same number of minutes on treadmill, same diet), and they wonder why they aren’t getting results.  You MUST strive to do more.  We have geared our F.I.R.E. program to constantly push you to new heights.  You are capable of more than you think!


Some of you may be thinking this is nothing more than a sales pitch.  Well, this is a ‘sales pitch’…for a product that ACTUALLY works!

Allow me to share a visual example of how I KNOW this methodology is effective:

Pictured above is an example of what occurs during one of our workouts.

The 1st half of the session is lifting weights.  Many think that lifting weights does not train your heart (this is false).  Weight training transforms your body by increasing strength and muscle, while also strengthening your heart when the appropriate intensity is applied.

The 2nd half of the workout pictured is the high intensity portion, designed to dramatically increase your endurance and further push your body to transform itself into a leaner and meaner version of yourself.

We invite you to come experience this for yourself.  We want to help you build a stronger version of you!


Come find your FIRE!

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About the Author:

Bradley is a husband and father. An Electrical Engineer by degree. He is an Owner/Trainer at Goins Strong Fitness with 15+ years of experience in various areas of Health and Fitness.