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Are you tired of gyms that don’t care about you, or your results?

Are you done with “gimmicks” and “magic pills” that don’t work?

So are we!

Too many gyms only care about locking you into a contract!

They don’t care about your health or goals!  They view you as a commodity, not a person!

Not at Goins Strong Fitness in Dallas, NC!  Our primary goal is for you to SUCCEED!

You have goals, and we intend on you to surpass them!

We want you to achieve a long  and strong life!

Join us on our quest to change a flawed fitness industry!

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Jessica Goins

Jessica’s love for health and fitness began as a teenager and continued into adulthood as a hobby with weight training and running.

After their first child was born, she began CrossFit and her life was forever changed.

The strong mindset gained from training motivated her to go back to school for nursing after years of being an established cosmetologist all while coaching others as a CrossFit instructor.

After working as a Registered Nurse in the hospital setting, she realized her passion was rooted in the preventative aspect of health care and began work as a certified Health Coach.

Her love for helping others drives her to continually strive to educate people on practical ways to live their best life and meet their goals.

After training people in their garage, Jessica and Bradley knew they had so much more to offer and Goins Strong Fitness was born!

Bradley Goins

Bradley’s passion for fitness has a strong history…

At a young age he struggled with childhood obesity and chronic asthma.

At the age of 10, his doctor prescribed a 1200 calorie diet.

He lost weight, and gained it back.  He was stuck in a mental and physical prison.  He’s experienced the same struggles as millions of Americans!

It  wasn’t until age 14, when he discovered weight training that things began to change.

He was determined to get in shape and escape the prison for good!  He gave up junk food and stayed dedicated to his training.

From that point on, he never looked back…

He spent the next decade and a half experimenting and learning, as a student of all things ‘health and fitness’…

His goal was to learn all he could to help others escape their own prisons…and burn them to the ground!

His mindset from training helped him achieve a degree in Electrical Engineering, and become a certified Personal Trainer to help others.

He has taken his 15+ years of experience in weightlifting, exercise, and nutrition and brought Goins Strong Fitness to life!