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Success Stories

Meet real people experiencing real results from Goins Strong Fitness. Many of our members had never worked out before, but have experienced life-changing results after taking that first step.

They did it. You can too!

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Jessica Sain

Hello my name is Jessica. I’m a nurse, mom of 2 little ones and wife.

I started this journey of working out when my big girl pants started getting tight (we all have those one pair of pants that are big that make us feel small). I contemplated several different things to get myself in shape and lose this baby weight x 2.

When I started working out with Jessica I had never lifted weights a day in my life and had never worked out like this! I was the one at the gym on the treadmill people watching!

After the 1st week I knew that I had made the right decision. I truly enjoy working out and the class is perfect for me and my schedule!! On top of feeling great, I have saw a tremendous difference in the way my clothes fit!

Those big girl jeans are no longer in my closet!

Lauren Eidson

If you had asked me a couple months ago what I thought I would be doing and enjoying with my free time, working out definitely wouldn’t have been my original answer.

The time that I have been working out with Jessica and Bradley has caused a complete domino effect of positivity on my own life and others. After changing my own lifestyle through the Goins’ suggestions and recommendations, I found myself a much more confident and positive person as I strive forward to push myself to new limits.

This effect hasn’t been something only noticed by myself, but others as well. It’s contagious honestly.

Through the time I have been working out with Jessica and Bradley, I owe a lot of my newfound confidence to the positive outlook and motivation these two provide during training sessions; constantly striving for me to do my best and not allowing me to give up anywhere midway through. They very well know one’s limitations and push one to go for only their best!

They truly make this experience worthwhile and I’m so very happy that they have pushed me to where I am currently because I couldn’t be happier!


I was diagnosed with throat cancer in September 2016. It was on my vocal chords. It was totally operable and had not much of a chance to spread. The treatment was to be of course the surgery, but also radiation treatments, once daily for 29 treatments.

They were talking about putting in a feeding tube due to the fact that it would be hard and painful to swallow anything for about a month or so. Now I was pretty healthy then, 6’6”, 247 lbs, and didn’t consider myself too much overweight. So I persuaded the doctor not to have that procedure done.

So I began the treatments around the first of November. Around the third week, my throat became very irritated and swallowing was not pleasant. Needless to say, Thanksgiving was not fun. I couldn’t eat, but did so anyway to keep my weight up. By the time of my last treatment, December 21, I had lost down to 221 lbs and felt awful. I was very weak.

After a couple of weeks, I began gaining some weight back. It took a long time to really feel like doing anything.

This past summer I tried push mowing the yard as I had easily done before. My yard is not that big and can be done easily in 45 minuets, trimmed and all. I was so out of shape that I had to take 3 breaks just to mow the front. I had not been exercising any and my job is to look at a computer all day, so I was still very weak physically.

After taking my wife Becky’s advice, I began a strength and conditioning workout at Goins Strong Fitness with Jessica and Bradley coaching me. It has been a rough month or so and could not even keep up with the workout routine due to being out of breath.

But after one month, I have finally completed a workout from start to finish and am beginning to feel like my old self, stronger and gaining the muscle back that I had lost. At first, I didn’t want to go. But now, I am really motivated and seeing real results.

If you are looking for a change in yourself, I highly recommend Goins Strong Fitness. I’m sure you will love yourself for it.


I have never been one to work out. I would go once or twice and then stop. I always had a million excuses as to why I wasn’t going. I have struggled with my weight since the birth of my first child almost 20 years ago. I have done every diet plan there is, knowing deep inside the true answer was I needed to exercise. In 2013 I started seeing a weight loss doctor and doing the weight loss pills and injections that everyone was doing at that time. I did start walking some, but again a million reasons why I could not continue to walk.

On December 13th 2013 my life forever changed. I was in a terrible car accident. I broke my femur and crushed my ankle. I spent 5 days in the hospital and underwent a 9-hour surgery to repair all the damage. This left me not able to walk for 12 weeks. I gained all the weight back that I had lost. (We all know when you stop the pills the weight always comes back.)

4 years later (2017) I have a lot of weakness and muscle loss in my leg and swelling from damage the wreck caused. After many months of physical therapy, I was told this is as good as it gets. I walked with a limp, I was always in pain with every step I took.

In October 2017 a friend and I decided to join Goins Strong. I remember thinking to myself “well, let’s see how long it takes to come up with a million excuses to stop this.”

After one month I wanted to cry… my pain levels went down, my swelling was not as bad, and my leg was stronger. I had not done things like skip, squat, or walk up steps the right way, but now I was and I was doing this without pain.

The ultimate test for me was when I decided to try to run. I just knew I would fall, but I was determined to try. I did it! I could not run far but I RAN! I found that I didn’t make excuses anymore and I loved working out and lifting weights.

I can only imagine as I grow in my journey to get healthier what other obstacles I will be able to overcome with the help of Jessica and Bradley.

Christie J.

My son and I have been working with Jessica for close to two months now. In that short time we can already tell a difference in our energy level and physical strength. The Goins take exceptional care in making sure you do things properly and to get the most benefit out of it!

Bee M.

I would recommend Goins Fitness to people of all fitness levels. From beginners who are brand new to working out or people who are more advanced in weight training, circuit training or boot camp style fitness. Goins will equip you to get results in a challenging but non-threatening environment.

Suzie H.

I’ve been working out with Jessica for about 8 weeks now. I love the encouragement she gives me and how she pushes me to go 1 more time. She is very knowledgeable on her coaching skills. I think I found my addiction. I love lifting!

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