What is “transformation” to you?

Maybe you are looking to lose weight and/or improve your health.

Perhaps there are parts of your life you’re looking to improve upon in the coming year.  Common among these would be finances, relationships, outlook on life, etc.

It doesn’t really matter what your personal focus is in the coming year, the following steps apply to all of them…


1. Pray about it! (Put a spotlight on what you seek to change)

Now, you don’t have to be person of deep religious devotion to understand or benefit from this!

Prayer puts a “spotlight” on what you wish to address in your life.  Prayer is like meditation!

It helps you focus your energy and program your subconscious mind to work towards finding the solutions to items you are seeking to address!

Is it easier to solve the problem you face head on, or the problem you ignore?

The answer should be pretty clear.

The additional benefit of prayer is in holding the belief that the creator of all things is walking hand-in-hand with you on addressing various areas of your life.  Of course, his will is not always aligned with yours (i.e. He may not be interested in ensuring you ‘hit the lottery’).

Pray and put a focus on what you wish to address in your life!


2. Take Action! (No one can do it for you)

I sincerely wish things got better by sitting on the couch streaming Netflix all day; but that of course isn’t how things work!

If you want things to change, YOU must take some level of action to begin moving things in the direction you want them to go!

You can absolutely steer your life and your health/well-being in a better direction; however, you must decide to make it happen!

Can people help you along the way?  Yes, of course!

Can things change if you take zero action?  Not likely!

You must take those first steps…You must keep moving in the direction you seek…One step at a time…One day at a time!

Problems and roadblocks WILL come.  Attack them as they arise!  Be prepared for them, but never give much focus to problems that haven’t happened yet!

Take Action!  Each day…each week… Then look back a year from now and review what you have accomplished and what you need to keep working on!


3. Repeat 1 & 2

Pray!….Then Take Action!

Do this over and over.  Reflect on whether the actions you have taken are working.  You may need to change direction from time to time.  We don’t always know exactly how to address things from the beginning; so be sure to reflect on new information and new circumstances in your prayers!

Check and adjust as you go, but never stop taking some level of action!

Problems are meant to be solved! (so solve them)

Over time, you’ll realize you’ve given too much power to the roadblocks in your life!  Perhaps even created problems in your mind when there were none!


I wish you all the best in the new year!  You have more power over your life than you’ve led yourself to believe!  I encourage you to take action this year, and make it your best ever!



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