NEVER!!! (of course…)



Adjust, Evolve, fine-tune, adapt, rework, revamp…


You should MODIFY your approach and/or your thinking, when things are not going exactly the way you imagined.


When your plan hits a speed bump…How will you respond?

This applies to ALL areas of life…

For the purposes of this post, I want to focus on YOUR plan for improving your Health & Fitness Level.

I see many people start a new diet or workout routine with very high expectations, often thinking they will reach their goal in no time.

The desire to fully reach the original goal isn’t strong enough to overcome the “slower than expected results”.

Many folks believe they have “bad genetics” or they can never achieve the level of health and fitness they would like.  They believe they are stuck.

These are common mind traps individuals fall into, but I assure you are NOT trapped.


Let me take a moment to establish 2 VERY important points…

YOU CAN have the body you want! 

YOU are NOT stuck where you are at!

I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t truly believe it and believe in YOU.


The questions you MUST ask yourself are:

Am I willing to do what it takes?

Am I willing to MAKE time?

Am I going to MAKE it happen?

Am I going to OVERCOME the obstacles in my way?


When you can honestly answer YES to each of these questions, you will fully achieve your vision.

It might take many months, possibly years (depending on where you start)…BUT, by focusing on the process and attacking your goal every week…You will eventually reach your goal.

Approach with the mindset that you are playing a LONG game.  There are no quick fixes.


Before you can sit on the mountain top, you MUST withstand the journey it takes to get there!


Stay focused on the Journey and YOU WILL get to the mountain top!



If you ever feel lost on that journey, reach out to me (Bradley) or Jessica at Goins Strong Fitness.